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What is 2 step verification?

What is 2 step verification?
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2 step verification is a setting to help secure your niconico account from illegal logins.

When your 2 step verification is turned on, your account becomes better protected through a confirmation system that utilizes your password, smartphone and email address.

What happens when I turn on 2 step verification?

When you turn on your 2 step verification, you will need to enter your password along with a 6 digit (confirmation code).
Your Niconico account security will be strengthened because even if someone knew your password, they would not know the confirmation code.

 2 step verification

Once your confirmation code has been verified on your PC or smartphone, you can skip the code entering step the next time you log in.
Your confirmation code can be acquired by the following methods:

[ Issue via your smartphone ]
Install the 2 step verification app (Google Authenticator or a compatible app) onto your smartphone to issue.

[ Send to account email address ]
Niconico will send you an email with a confirmation code.
*If you are using Niconico from outside of Japan, we will send you a 2-step verification email (confirmation code) to prevent illegal logins.

When you turn on 2-step verification, please note that if for some reason you are unable to obtain a confirmation code, you will not be able to login to Niconico.
Therefore, we advise you to create your backup codes beforehand.

What are backup codes?

When the confirmation code cannot be issued due to the loss, failure or replacement of the smartphone, the backup code can be used to log in.
Once you have created a set of backup codes, please write or print them out for quick recall when needed.
*A used backup code cannot be used again.
*Please do not share the backup code with others, your account may be stolen and used.


Create backup codes

Perform the following steps to create your backup codes:
  1. Login
  2. Access your Security settings
  3. Click on the "Create" button

Create backup codes1

Once you have successfully created your backup codes, they will appear on screen (as shown below).

Create backup codes2

Recreating backup codes

When the backup codes are not available, please "Recreate" to create a new set of backup codes.
*Once you have re-created your backup codes, all the original backup codes will be unavailable.
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