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How to use Timeshift


Time Shift is a feature that allows you to watch archives of content previously streamed live as long as they are available to watch.
NOTE: Some programs do not support the Time Shift feature.

Premium member benefits:
  • Make a reservation after the stream while the Time Shift is available.
  • Increase the slot limit for Time Shift reservation.
  • Start watching the time where you paused the video previously.

▼How to use the Time Shift feature [computer]

  1. Make a reservation before or during the live stream
    You can make a reservation from the program page, Niconico live stream top page, or the search page.
    • You can check the reserved program on the live stream Time-shift reservation list.
    • Free members cannot make a Time Shift reservation for a currently airing program and 30 minutes after the live stream.
    • Some programs can be watched without Time Shift reservations.

  2. Watch the stream after it ends
    You can watch live streams from the time-shift reservation list on the live stream Time-shift reservation list. or the program's page. Except for a few programs, you can watch them immediately after the broadcast.

  3. While watching the Time Shift
    You will not be able to post comments, play games, or participate in surveys while watching the Time Shift.

About the Time Shift reservation list

You can reserve up to 10 Time Shifts in your list as a free member and up to 100 with premium. You can manage the list on the live stream Time-shift reservation list.

How to make a Time Shift start playing at a specific time

Add "# minutes:seconds" after the link of the program page to make the Time Shift start playing at the specified point where you want to start watching.
Example:https://live.***05:00 →You can watch from 5 minutes after the live show has started.

How to change the playback speed

You can change the playback speed up to 1.25x as a general member and 2x as a premium member. For more information, please refer to this help article.

▼How to use the Time Shift feature [smartphone]

Time Shifts are only available to watch through the Niconico Live app. Mobile browsers do not support Time Shift.
Some Time Shifts may not be available on the smartphone app.

- For more information about the Time Shift function of the Niconico Live app, visit the link here.
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