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I'm Seeing Multiple Charges on My PayPal From Niconico

I'm Seeing Multiple Charges on My PayPal From Niconico
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Why you might see two bills in one month

For Premium membership and paid channel subscriptions, you will be charged on the day you sign up. Your first payment will be charged on the day of purchase. The next scheduled payment will be on the 1st of the next month. Membership will auto renew unless you cancel before the next billing date. For example, if you signed up on January 31, your membership will be renewed at the end of the month. Your next payment is due at the beginning of February.
  • I have multiple accounts
    We charge membership/subscription fees per account. If you have multiple Premium accounts, go to your My Page to check which account you are currently logged in with.

  • My Payment information has been updated
    If you have updated your payment method or billing information, you will be immediately charged the full amount of the subscription for the new payment option.

  • Canceled my Premium Membership but re-joined within the same month
    If you use PayPal payments, you will be charged each time you sign up.
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