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What are Niconico points?

What are Niconico points?
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Niconico Points Overview

Niconico Points are a virtual currency that can be purchased with a variety of payment methods. Each Ameba point is worth 1 yen.
  • Available services
    Niconico Points can be used to purchase a variety of content, services and virtual items such as pay-per-view live/video and in-app items.

  • Purchase limit for Niconico points per month
    There’s no limit on how many points you can have.
    The purchase limit can vary depending on your payment method. When you exceed those limits, you will see the errors and not be able to complete your purchase. Please contact your payment services for the details.

  • Expiration date
    Your Niconico Points do expire.
    Please refer to the following article for details.
    Niconico Points Validity & Expiration
*Niconico points cannot be used for a premium membership subscription.
*Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

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