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How to Use Nico Report

How to Use Nico Report
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Nico Report is a feature that will notify you about the following activities on your My Page.
  • Your account activities (e.g. when someone follows you)
  • Your updates (e.g. your new posts)
  • Updates from accounts, communities, channels, and My Lists you follow (e.g. new video uploads from the channel you follow)

You can also get the latest updates on your favorite video creators and streamers by following their Nico Reports. Nico reports can be viewed on your My page for a month, other users' pages for 6 months.
*This time period may differ depending on user's follower count.

Nico Report Privacy Settings

You can change your Nico Report privacy settings from the account settings. Select "Public" to show your activities. When you set the Nico Report to "Private"your activities will not be shown on Nico Reports.

Nico Report Mute Settings

You can change what you get notified about on your My Page by muting particular Nico Reports. You can add up to 100 muted items on each activity. You can unmute the activities from the mute settings.
*Refresh the page after you muted to show changes.
*Muted users are not notified about the mute and have no way to see they are muted.

How to Mute Nico Reports
Click on "Mute this Nico Report" in the three-dot menu " ︙ " on the top of each Nico Report page.

[Smartphone web browsers (Japanese)]
Tap on "このニコレポをミュートする(Mute this Nico Report)" in the three-dot menu " ︙ "on the top of the each Nico Report page.
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